Downtown has been part of the Lisburn community since 1988, providing support to those feeling isolated and alone. Downtown is a community hub were all are welcome to come, socialise with others, learn new skills and gain vital information in a relaxed, non-judging atmosphere.

Lisburn Downtown offers support to people struggling with a mental health problem, a mild learning difficulty, bereavement, loneliness, etc. Our volunteers make Downtown’s members feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable; resulting in happy and effective sessions were members feel well supported.
We have 2 weekly sessions which require no referral, members of the Lisburn community can come along, drop-in and check out what we have to offer.

We also manage 2 referral sessions which require a completed form from a GP, Social Worker (for more information please contact us at

Compassionate friends, Contact Group and the Cheer You Up club also function in Downtown; please see our ‘Activities & Services’ section for further information.