The Downtown Centre

The Centre’s activities provide opportunities for the whole community to participate at their own chosen level. The centre’s aims are to develop people’s social networks and helping them to deal with social, physical and mental health needs. The Centre is offered as a contribution to Lisburn to help support people’s overall health and well-being.
The activities range from being needs specific, to those for the whole community. It is a place where people can feel valued and can fulfil their potential becoming all that God intended them to be.

The Downtown Team – A large group of volunteers offer their time to work within the Centre. They are dedicated to helping the people of Lisburn. Our Friday group volunteers were the proud winners of the ‘Mayor’s Award for Volunteering 2010’.

The Centre’s work is developed and co-ordinated in conjunction with project organisers and where applicable, other voluntary and statutory agencies by the Centre Coordinator. The Coordinator maintains and develops liaison with a variety of agencies and receives referrals from various sources in the community.